The Ins & Outs Of The Trade

By: The Virani

The Ins & Outs Of The Trade


Using the services of a professional real estate representative allows both buyers and sellers not only the best chance of a successful real estate transaction, but also a wealth of information about the housing market both on a general scale and in the individual pocket of the city or town they live in or are moving to.

Here is just some of the value-added assistance your real estate sales representative can provide, from inside knowledge of the local real estate market to the outside connections that support a smooth home sale or purchase:

Inside Knowledge: In addition to the latest data on local home sales, real estate representatives have the experience to determine whether a home is overpriced or underpriced, which can help you set your expectations whether you're looking for a new home to buy or listing your home for sale. Wondering where to spend your pre-listing dollars to create the most attractive appeal to a potential buyer? Your real estate sales representative knows which features appeal to the buyers in your area, and can therefore add appeal to your property.

Outside Support: Housing transactions require a team of people, including a mortgage professional, a real estate lawyer, a home inspector, a home stager, contractors and/or tradespeople, movers and others who you may need to contact on short notice. A list of trusted contacts can be made available to share with you as necessary.

From The Shamez Virani/Virani Team September 2016 Newsletter - Courtesy of Market Connections Inc.