Stay Cool Under Fire

By: The Virani

Stay Cool Under Fire


Nobody likes to think about a home fire, but it's always wise to be prepared for any possibility. Here are some household emergency tips to keep in mind:

1. Install working smoke detectors on every level of your house, and add a carbon monoxide detector outside of sleeping areas. Test the batteries every month, and change them at least twice a year.

2. Because most fires start in the kitchen, invest in a multipurpose fire extinguisher and keep it in an easily accessible place (but not over the stove). In the case of a grease fire, your first instinct may be to throw water on the flames but please don't – this will cause the fire to flame up and cause even more damage. Instead, try and smother the fire with another pan, if possible.

3. Discuss your fire emergency plan with everyone in the household. This means clarifying two different ways to escape from every room (usually the door and a window), and knowing that if the door handle is hot, not to open the door and instead use the alternate exit (the window).

4. Make sure everyone knows to drop down and crawl out under the smoke, and where to meet outside when you do get out.

5. It's BBQ season, meaning you need to be vigilant both indoors and out when it comes to possible fire hazards.

From The Shamez Virani/Virani Team August 2016 Newsletter - Courtesy of Market Connections Inc.