Get Your Mortgage Sorted!

By: The Virani

Get Your Mortgage Sorted!


Just like a subject review after a long summer vacation, it's always a wise practice to refresh yourself on the details of your mortgage from time to time. As your mortgage broker, I am pleased to meet with you at your convenience for a no-cost, no-obligation mortgage update – simply give me a call!

Whether it's your first mortgage or what you hope is your last, it never hurts to go over the details involved in your loan, just to make sure you're getting the best value possible in your borrowing experience. Circumstances may have changed since you first signed your mortgage papers so let's evaluate the following points within your existing arrangement to ensure your current mortgage is providing you with the most suitable borrowing scenario.

Let's discuss:

- The amount you still owe, your current interest rate and the amount of time left in your current mortgage.
- The difference between open and closed mortgages, shorter vs. longer terms, and fixed, variable and hybrid interest rate mortgages.
- Options to pay off your mortgage sooner that can save you money in interest. These include prepayment and accelerated payment options.
- Any other questions you may have about your financial status and other borrowing needs.

Thank you for trusting your borrowing needs with me. I appreciate your business!

From The Shamez Virani/Virani Team September 2016 Newsletter - Courtesy of Market Connections Inc.