Fall Home Trends

By: The Virani Team

Fall Home Trends

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     Beautiful earthy and neutral tones are a must! Tones such as terracotta, warm browns and dark greens are perfect to set the stage for fall. Add these colours around your home such as changing wall colours, vases, pillows and throw on blankets to add a cozy trendy touch. 

      TexturesUltra-soft fabrics and natural textures are always a great way to create a relaxed feel in a home. Fabrics such as Sherpa and other fluffy fabrics help homeowners bring warmth without the need of colours. Touches you can add consists of woven poufs or wool blankets. These added touches are chic but still cozy!

     Light, soft wood finishes have been in the yearly trends for ages. Wood such as pine, oak and birch can add a Scandinavian feel to a home by bringing those natural brown tones into a home—perfect for fall and always in style! Add a statement piece such as a coursed oak table to give your home a warm fall look.  

     Mirrors bring light into a room and when placed correctly can add depth to every room. Asymmetrical pieces have been in the top trends this year, adding a wild and swirly piece of glass in your foyer can add a chic trendy look to wow your guests! 

     Lastly, COVID taught us to appreciate the smaller things in life such as taking time to sit outside. This brought the trend of bringing outdoors-in. This trend is more about bring outdoor elements inside through furnishings, textures and patterns inspired by nature. This easily attainable by simply adding greenery, house plants, natural fibers and fabrics as well as maximizing natural light!